Viva Chevrolet Synthetic Oil Change Service in El Paso, TX


Chevrolet Synthetic Oil Change in El Paso, TX

If you want your vehicle to run smoothly, you need to keep the engine performing at its best. One of the most important services of the engine is the oil change service. At Viva Chevrolet, we offer a full menu of auto services, including synthetic oil change service for the engine. Our service center in El Paso, TX, is only a short drive from Horizon City, Fort Bliss, Socorro, and Sunland Park. At Viva Chevrolet, we offer high-quality engine oil from reputable manufacturers. Here is more information about the synthetic oil change service at our facility.

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Full-Synthetic Oil Change

Choosing the right type of engine oil is vital to the performance of your vehicle. The type and quality of the engine oil will determine how well the engine oil is able to protect the engine from friction, corrosion, and overheating. The cleanest and most refined type of engine oil is fully synthetic oil. Some full synthetic oil also has additives to help improve the performance and lifespan of the engine oil. Full synthetic oil also offers exceptional high-temperature stability to help resist oxidation that thickens the engine oil.


Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Semi-synthetic oil is a blend of conventional and a more refined blend of oil. Semi-synthetic oil might not last as long as full synthetic oil or provide the same level of protection for the engine, but it is cheaper. It might also offer enough protection for some type of engine, making it a most cost-effective choice compared to full synthetic oil. Our certified and factory-trained technicians at Viva Chevrolet will be glad to steer you to the right type of oil for the engine of your vehicle.


Service Interval For Synthetic Oil Change

For most Chevrolet vehicles, an oil change will be required every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. However, you need to consider a few factors when deciding the ideal service interval. You will consider the type of oil, environmental conditions, and type of engine. Synthetic engine oil will last significantly longer than conventional oil. At Viva Chevrolet, we specialize in Chevrolet and are familiar with the oil change requirements of all models. We will be glad to offer our recommendation for an ideal service interval for an oil change.

Synthetic Oil Change Service


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At Viva Chevrolet, we look forward to seeing you at our service center in El Paso, TX. You can stop by our facility during our regular hours from Monday through Saturday. You can also get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. Do you need a ride to our service center? Our staff can arrange for an Uber or Lyft service for you. We can also book a service appointment.


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