Viva Chevrolet Multi-Point Inspection Service in El Paso, TX


Chevrolet Multi-Point Inspection Services Available in El Paso, TX

While an owner’s manual will certainly help you stay on top of most Chevrolet maintenance, factors such as how frequently you drive, where you live, and your driving style all play a role in determining the services your Chevrolet vehicle needs. Somebody who is a patient, cautious driver who drives 10,000 miles per year along well-maintained highways will have drastically different maintenance needs compared to someone who clocks 20,000 miles per year, is an aggressive start/stop driver, and does lots of neighborhood driving with potholes, or in areas without paved roads. A multi-point inspection service from the certified technicians at Viva Chevrolet is the great equalizer – it helps all of our customers stay aware of the condition of their vehicle and make educated decisions about what services and parts their Chevrolet vehicle needs.

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How Often Do You Need a Multi-Point Inspection?

Again, it depends on how frequently you drive and what type of driving you do. We encourage our customers to schedule at least one but preferably two multi-point inspections per year as a baseline recommendation. This is because it will keep the intervals fairly short between your multi-point inspections, and you won’t go for thousands of miles with a problem you’re unaware of that festers and becomes worse. We also recommend them twice per year because at Viva Chevrolet, multi-point inspections are provided as complimentary services in our El Paso, TX Chevrolet service department. With this cost-free service, there’s no reason our customers in Sunland Park, Socorro, Horizon City, and Fort Bliss shouldn’t visit us for a Multi-Point inspection.


Genuine OEM Parts to Replace Any Problems Identified During Multi-Point Inspections

If our certified technicians obtain your approval for the service, your service will be performed using genuine OEM parts that will last much longer than discount or aftermarket parts and protect your Chevrolet warranty. Give your Chevy vehicle what it needs by scheduling a complimentary multi-point inspection service online today at Viva Chevrolet in El Paso, TX.


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