Viva Chevrolet Brake Pad Replacement Service in El Paso, TX


Brake Pad Replacement Service at Viva Chevrolet in El Paso, TX

If your braking system shows signs of decreased performance, such as an increase in stopping distances, schedule brake services at Viva Chevrolet. Our certified Chevy technicians can inspect your braking system and recommend maintenance or repairs based upon your unique situation. This includes a thorough examination of your vehicle’s brake pads. If they have worn down too thin, we can replace them for you efficiently and properly. Schedule your brake pad replacement service appointment at Viva Chevrolet today, using our online scheduling system or by calling our certified Chevrolet service department near you.

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Importance of Replacing Worn Brake Pads in Your Chevrolet

When you step on the brake pedal, your brake pads close around the brake rotors to create the friction needed to slow down your Chevrolet car, truck, or SUV. They will wear down with use to the point where their remaining thickness is insufficient for proper functionality. This is true for any brake pads, including ceramic, metallic, or composite materials, regardless of their composition. For safety reasons, they will need to be replaced when their integrity has been compromised. The mileage at which you should have your brake pads can depend upon their composition, your suspension, your unique driving habits, and the environment in which you drive your Chevrolet. Typically they should be replaced around 30,000 to 70,000 miles, although our certified technicians recommend checking your model’s owner’s manual.


Don’t Delay Replacement of Your Chevy’s Worn Brake Pads

Ignoring worn-out brake pads or other brake system issues is never advisable. Compromised brake pads will limit the performance of your brakes, which can cause hazardous driving conditions and diminished efficacy. If you notice a squealing noise when you step on the brake pedal, this indicates that the pads are not creating sufficient friction to slow your vehicle. Schedule brake system services and brake pad replacement service as soon as possible to promote the safety of you and your loved ones.


Benefits of Chevy Brake Pad Replacement

In addition to increasing safety and brake system performance, having your brake pads replaced can have the following benefits for your Chevy:


  • Smoother handling
  • Quieter ride
  • Lowered maintenance costs
  • Prolonged brake life
  • Protection of your brake rotors and drum

Brake Pad Replacement Service


Superior Brake Pad Replacement Services Offered at Viva Chevrolet in El Paso, TX

When you want the expertise of certified Chevy technicians, combined with the use of genuine OEM parts, join us at Viva Chevrolet. We install manufacturer parts, including new brake pads, using the latest automotive tools and technology in the field. We can get you in and out quickly with superior results. Schedule your brake pad replacement service appointment online or over the phone, and enjoy our customer waiting lounge and amenities. If you live in Fort Bliss, Socorro or Horizon City, Sunland Park, NM, join us at our state-of-the-art facility near you in El Paso, Texas.


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