New Chevrolet Blazer for Sale in El Paso

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The New Chevy Blazer Equals Style & Substance

The new Chevy Blazer is looking to regain its top spot in the midsize SUV class. Chevy has brought in many more advancements while refining the characteristics of the vehicle. This midsize SUV is a class act and for many good reasons. You will have enough room to haul around your entire family and friends. Comfort features have been thrown in, and the SUVs engine is primed to perform at a high level. Consumers will have multiple trims to consider when making a purchase. Each trim tends to have its own identity. This includes the RS, 3LT, Premier, L, 1LT, and 2LT models.

"Should I Choose This SUV Over the Competition?"

The new Chevy Blazer is affordable, and it will offer features that many higher-end SUVs are offering. To start things off on a high note, you and your passengers will have access to 4G LTE Wi-Fi. Visiting social media sites, checking email accounts, or participating in mobile banking are all possibilities. You can even stream your playlists, thanks to Android Auto integration. Smartphone integration isn't finished thanks to the incorporation of Apple CarPlay. The new Blazer goes even further by offering a stunning touchscreen display full of apps, settings, and features. You can:

  • Read Text Messages
  • Answer Phone Calls
  • Check Vehicle Setting
  • Access Audio Books

This SUV has a bold and dazzling exterior that's razor-sharp. This outer facade is angled in all the right places. There are strong body lines as well as razor-sharp contours. The bottom half of the frame has dark molding that's wrapped around it. Striking LEDs are also present on both ends. Exterior paint will come in red hot, midnight blue, black, silver ice as well as bright blue.