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Omar Ramirez
General Manager
(915) 613-2017

Starting out in the pizza world running a Domino's franchise. Omar climbed through the ranks holding every position that Viva Chevy offered from Salesman to Finance Director Omar performed above and beyond. In 2016 Omar was presented with the opportunity to be the General Manager of Viva Chevy and continues to strive and maintain the excellence that the store is today.


Sales Department

Jesus Alderete
General Sales Manager
(915) 613-2017

Jesus Alderete, aka Guero, has accomplished so much in a short time. Only being with the company 4 years, he has risen to the ranks of General Sales Manager(GSM). But, don't let his short time fool you. He means business and will go above and beyond to make sure the deal is done.

Robert Herrera
Sales Manager
(915) 613-2017

Just to give you a clue on how long he's been here, Robert sold cars before they had rubber wheels! Maintaining his title as Sales Manager, and not skipping a beat, he knows the business like the back of his hand. Trust that he is doing everything and anything FOR YOU!

Nathan Howard
Assistant Sales Manager
(915) 613-2017

Nathan is also a veteran of the U.S Army, totaling 16 years on active duty. As well as a veteran in the car business, with his 6 years at Viva Chevy, most folks know who he is and come back to see him year after year! Very knowledgeable in any vehicle, from the Spark to the Corvette, and even on the competitor vehicles. He is quick to tell why Chevy leads the way.


Service Department

Daniel Blanco
Service Adviser
(915) 603-5201

Daniel or Danny standing 6'5" may look intimidating but is sure to make your service visit a short one,of course in a good way. Danny is a key element here a Viva Chevy and will have your vehicle in and out in a timely manner.

Paul Duran
Service Adviser
(915) 603-5201

Paul a veteran of the service department. Is in charge of numerous task each day and handling them all with professionalism. You cant steer yourself wrong with Paul for all your warranty issues.

Stacey Gonzalez
Service Adviser
(915) 603-5201

Stacey another veteran right beside Paul. She to is in charge of vast amounts of work that need to be done to make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape! Have an issue with your car call and ask for Stacey she will be sure to fix it.


Parts Department

Rafael Quinones
Parts manager
(866) 220-8882

Art Aranda
Parts Consultant
(866) 220-8882

Joe Concha
Parts Consultant
(866) 220-8882


Finance Department

Rogelio Alvarez
Finance Director
(915) 613-2017

Rogelio Alvarez again part of the same class of 2015 has dominated the game. Roger is the youngest Finance Director in Viva Auto Group. Shadowing some of the best in the game and now leaving them in his shadow, Roger will never back down from the bank to make sure you get what you deserve.

Walter Campa
Finance Manager
(915) 613-2017

Walter is also with the class of 2015 to include the like's of Roger and Luis. However one must always rise above. Walter is the youngest finance manager in Viva Auto Group history, numbers are no problem for this youngster and explaining them to you is even easier. You could say he is the "Jack of All Trade". If you want to be in and out ask for Walter.